Our third stop brought us to Perfect North Ski Resort in Lawrenceburg, Indiana for a co-branded annual big air event with Vitamin Water. The jump was 50 feet to the knuckle, but rode more like 70ft with the wind and slow snow. Conditions were gnarly. The lip of the jump was icy, the wind was howling and riders had to stretch to make the landing, but I think I deserve a prize for scaling the sketchiest feature there: a 60-foot tall scaffolding that Matt and I had to clamber up to judge the event.


Our view from the scaffolding

Despite the conditions, the event was progressive––emphasis on the ‘pro‘. Winners of the AM division placed for FS Rodeo 7′s and underflips, and the PROs started an impromptu double backflip session two hours later in front of the screaming crowd at the bottom.

The winners, plus one Brendan Hayes (in the blue) and one Matt Guess (with the face)

In the end, winners of the AM division took home Signal hats, hoodies and a bag full of Scion swag. PRO runners-up claimed Vitamin Water-branded boards, cases of Vitamin Water, Scion swag, Signal gear and cash money. The overall snowboard winner snagged a ’13 Signal board, Signal outerwear, Celsius boots, $200, a case of V Water and the 2012 Scion Snow Tour Snowflake Trophy.

Big thanks to Perfect North for hosting the event and for making me feel happy to be alive after surviving the wobbly tower of death.  Also, to Vitamin Water for making hydration extra delicious. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that the tour wouldn’t exist without our incredible sponsors: Scion, Signal Snowboards, Celsius Boots and A Graham of Glass.

Most of all, thanks to everyone who came out to ride in or support the event (or hucked a backflip and a half to your chest). The Tour travels, but doesn’t move without you.