Timberline, West Virginia. Home to the only 2-mile run I know of anywhere in the Midwest, and maybe even the East Coast. It was sunny and 60 when we showed up, so I, like the idiot I am, jumped on the chairlift with only a hoody and loose-fitting beanie. That was the last time I felt my face all day. Stephen, Nolan & I pointed it all 2 miles, and by the time I got to the bottom, I felt like my entire head was inside the brain of someone who just sucked down six Bladder Buster Slushies in Alaska. I had wicked brain freeze.

Here are my two idiotic partners: Stephen & Nolan (in lens). They ride for a shop near Ski Roundtop, PA, where we just held an event the night before. Nolan actually earned his place on the Tour by winning the Roundtop Snow Tour event last season. Congratulations, buddy! Now stand in the cold and watch other people snowboard. Just kidding. They love it.

The Event:

The event kicked off in typical Snow Tour fashion: with an hour-long open format jam session with me squawking on the mic, plugging the afterparty, hyping the Tour’s sponsors and annoying the hell out of the riders and members of the crowd. We love doing events at resorts like this––resorts with so many fresh, enthusiastic ears who are still psyched to ride and get behind the Tour’s message, riding for fun and with friends.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love this place any more, I met this guy:

…and he threw me down a beer off the lift. I only wish I’d remembered to wait a few seconds before opening it. Thanks, guy!


After the event was over, the owners treated Team Scionara, the park manager and a few other T-line employees to the biggest honkin’ southern-style rib dinner I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to come back here. Anyone up for a summertime snow tour?

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Timberline 4 Season Resort, Signal Snowboards, Celsius Boots, A Graham of Glass and SCION for another epic stop.

Double thanks go to our competitors, spectators and everyone stoked on the Snow Tour. If you all were comments on Facebook, we’d hit the ‘Like’ button a hundred times.