MASSANUTTEN, VA. – The final stop on the 2012 Scion Snow Tour. After three seasons preaching the gospels of the tC, xB and xD, I juuuust started to get a handle on my new life on the road when it was all over. We’ll be back next season, no doubt.  But a lot of good times and great events were had on this tour, and what better way to say au revoir than with a 60-degree day partying in the park at Massanutten Mountain.

The rides, doin' what they do.

Me, Stephen & Nolan lapped the park for over an hour before checking out the summit. I was smarter this time and wore the right gear.

Stephen, tailblocking and testing that sweet Signal bend.

DJ Nolo (Nolan) remixing a FS 5-0 on the corrugated tube. Dubsteppin' it to the streets.

The view from the top of the United States of Virginia. I was surprised at the size of the resort but then remembered that everything's bigger in the South.

The Event:
The event was amazing. For it being so late in the, relatively low-tide, season, there was an awesome turnout. I rocked the mic at the bottom, while Nolan and Stephen high-stepped it uphill to get a closer look at the action. Eventually, we called all the riders down closer to the bottom of the park, where we had a mini finals jam on the corrugated tube. I saw halfcabs and 180s on, 270s, 5-0s and all kinds of lipslides. Kids stepped up.

When the dust settled, though, there could only be one winner. One person taking home Best in Snow for the final stop on the 2012 tour. The winner of winners.

Sam took home a brand new Signal Snowboard, Signal Outerwear, Celsius Boots, a bag full a' Scion stuff and a Scion Snow Tour Snowflake trophy by A Graham of Glass. Congrats, homie. You're sponsored.

Here’s the breakdown:
Best grom: Christian
Best Lady Boarder: Renee
Best Skiier: William Knot
3rd Place Overall: Austin
2nd Place Overall: Jack Shuster

1st Place Overall & Best in Snow: Sam Skidmore

Congratulations to all our winners! It was so amazing to be able to spend the last stop on the tour at such a surprisingly large, spirited and super supportive mountain. Mass o’ nuttin? Hardly.

Thanks to all our great sponsors: Scion, Signal, Celsius and A Graham of Glass for another great year and another terrific tour.

We’ll see you all next season!